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Spin a Win

Spin a WinThe aim of this Arcade Game is to place a bet on any of the twenty four numbers you think the wheel will stop at. Choose from a variety of bets ranging from whether the wheel will stop on an even or odd number, the colour it will land on, the number and the range of the number. Place a bet on one number, range, colour, even, odd, lower, higher and last digit all while playing one game.

Increase your bet by clicking on the selected bet area. To cancel your last bet simply press the "Clear Last" button or "Clear All" to remove all bets. Above your bet area will show the amount you bet on. At the bottom right corner of the screen will show the total sum of your bets in the next round. Every bet has their own unique payout and is shown in the bet area.

Bet Options:

Last Digit

Bet on the last digit such as the number three. You will win if the wheel stops on a three, thirteen or twenty three.


Make a bet on which colour the wheel will stop on.


Place a bet on the range in which the wheel will stop. The ranges include one to eight, then nine to sixteen, and seventeen to twenty four.

Any One Number

Place a bet on the number you wish the wheel to end on.

Higher / Lower

Place a bet on the next spin being lower or higher than the previous spin. You are unable to place the bet if it is your first spin, or if the result equals 24 and you place a higher bet, or it equals one and you place a lower bet.

Odd / Even

Place a bet on whether the number will be an even or odd one.

Press the "Spin" button once you have finished placing your bet. Once the wheel has come to a halt, your bets are settled. To place the exact same bets as the next round simply click the "Rebet" button.

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Last Updated 21 June 2017
Spin A Win Arcade Game

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