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Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts Arcade ScreenshotThe aim of Jackpot Darts is to correctly guess the position of the 3 darts on the dart board. Press the Bet button to view the different bet options with the payout multiplier being shown beside every bet. Use the plus and minus buttons to decrease or increase your amount of your bet. Once you have decided on an amount then you can press Confirm to place your bet. Place as many as five separate bets for every game of darts.

On the Dartboard you will find a Single ring, a Double ring, a Treble ring, and the Outer Bull and Bulls eye. The biggest region of the dartboard is the single ring. There are two areas in this ring, the one is in the middle of the double and treble rings, and the other is in the middle of the outer bull and treble ring section.

This whole area is separated in black and yellow sections. Each section has a number and is shown on the outside of the circle. If a dart lands in the single ring, then you will achieve the points shown in the number of that section.

On the dartboard you will also find 2 thin circles. In the outer edge of the circle is called the double ring and the inner edge of the circle is called the treble ring. If the dart lands in the double ring then this doubles your amount shown in that section or if you hit the treble ring then it triples the number shown in the section.

The outer bull is the circle which surrounds the bulls eye and is worth twenty five points if hit. The bulls eye is worth fifty points and is found in the centre circle of the dartboard.

Bet Options Trebles

The amount of darts that hit the treble ring.


The amount of darts that hit the double ring.


The amount of darts that hit the single ring.

Outer Bull

The bet that at least one dart hits the outer bull.


The bet that the three darts equals a total score within a specific area.

Bulls Eye

One dart at least hits the outer bull.

1-20 Singles

One dart at least hits the single ring of a specific section.


The Progressive Jackpot is basically a specific percentage of all bets made by all the players which will be added to a pot. If a player wins the jackpot then he wins the whole amount in that pot.

The minute the Jackpot has been hit, then a new one begins with the casino placing a seed amount to start off the accumulative jackpot. This helps if the jackpot gets hit again straight after it has been won, then there is at least an amount in the pot to be rewarded.

Keep in mind that you need to make a specific bet in order to qualify for winning the Progressive Jackpot. If your internet connection gets disconnected while playing, then the total of the progressive jackpot does not change. You will be able to continue from where you are in the game once you are connected again without having to place another bet.

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Last Updated 31 January 2015
Jackpot Darts Arcade Game

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