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Roller Coaster Dice

Roller coaster Dice Arcade ScreenshotRoller Coaster Dice is played using two dice and takes you to the highs and lows of a Roller Coaster.

You need to reach the very top of the roller coaster by correctly predicting whether the next spin totals more or less than the previous spin using the two dice.

Choose an amount you wish to bet and then select the Play button. The two dice will then be rolled and you need to then guess what the next result will be.

If the total of the dice equals under seven then you need to pick an option whether it is higher, lower or equal. If the total of the dice equals more than seven then you need to choose whether it is higher and lower or equal.

If you achieve 2 sevens, one after the other, will advance to the next level, regardless of what you choose. If your guess was wrong, you then lose the game. If your guess was right you will be moved to the next level.

Cashout Levels

Once you are in a Cashout Level, your bet is then multiplied by a specific number where you can then cash out. Continue playing if you wish to go to a higher level of cashing out.

This Game is very enjoyable and we found that your money lasts for quite a while.

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Last Updated 6 September 2017
Roller Coaster Dice Arcade Game

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